Julie Desmarais

Lansdcape painter from Quebec

I paint large scale landscapes with oil inspired by the Canadian territory. My practice is centered on the representation of natural phenomenons observed while traveling across Canada in search of places little or not affected by human presence. I use photography to document my subject and paint my pictures in my studio in Montreal.

My figurative paintings are almost photorealistic in the way they sublimate nature. I devote a great deal of my attention to the fine details which give my works a surreal impression. Facing the painting, the sensitive experience appeals to the person as common sense, as a recognizable place, almost like a remembrance...

Julie Desmarais

Painting everyday

My paintings embodies the testimony of a journey that began several years ago through which I discovered the vastness of the Quebec province. Anchored in a deep connection with my origin, the territory resonates in me and nourishes the desire to know it; to connect to it. My process is recurring; I document my travels with photography which serves as a reference for series of futur paintings that I execute in my studio. My goal is to study nature thoroughly, observing minutely natural phenomenons focusing on the nordic character of the landscape.

I like to revisit the memory of a place and try to reveal its secrets, its history, its poetry, its light ... « … c’est dans cette mémoire que tu viendras puiser tes forces, fouiller tes colères, entretenir tes passions et bien souvent repousser les frontières de tes peurs et de tes limites » (M. Lévy).

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